We have decided to pay ode to the people who create things every day. The people who challenge the status quo and join the forces of the startup brigade.

It is a lonely path… so we have listed 14 (amazing) cafe’s around the world to sit and create, think, drink and be entrepreneurial. The locations we have selected were all based on the following criteria:

1. Great coffee
2. Conducive space for thinking
3. Room to move
4. Design

Courtney van der Weyden takes us on a journey to 14 cities that you should park your lap top in as you continue to create more than you capture. 

By Courtney van der Weyden | We all know the Chelsea Hotel, a historic hotel in NYC notorious for being the last creative space. Its halls and rooms once dwelled with the most famous creatives of our time, Patty Smith, Charles Bukowski, Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin.

It is where Arthur C. Clarke wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey and Nancy Spungen, girlfriend to Sid Vicious was murdered. Jump forward to 2011 and there are some cool cafes and hotels that create that same allure and venue to work, write and create.

1The Ace Hotel , dubbed the countries most original hotel is located in midtown Manhattan. This is where you will stumble upon Stumptown Coffee who has exceptionally high levels when it comes to serving coffee.

2Toast Bakery Cafe LA: The place itself is almost as famous as the coffee and food it serves. Its featured on hip tv shows such as The Rachel Zoe Project, The Hills and Entourage. If I lived in LA I would work out of here everyday just for the chance to spot a celeb.

3. Joans on Third LA: Is a cute little deli/café that celebrates good food and amazing Coffee. There is plenty of seating options both inside and out that offer you a perfect working station. Whilst I was there i spotted several client meetings and a guy working on a script for either tv or movies which was pretty cool and very LA.

4. Kaffe NYC: This place has free wi-fi and communal tables for laptops. You may just find a fellow entrepreneur to do business with.


4Third Rail Coffee NYC: This place uses the same stuff at stumptown which means its awesome coffee. And us Australians should be happy as they know what a flat white is. And you will often find a neighbourhood of writers here so if you’re this type of creative, head here.

4Kaffeine: This bad boy sells incredible coffee which is extremely hard to come by in London. I spent a lot of time here for that very reason. Tucked away down a few small streets in Oxford Circus, its central yet quiet. There are only a few seats available so get in quick. Its nice and cozy to say the least. And best of all its Australian own.


5The Breakfast Club London. This place has really cool interior and great food and coffee. It’s fairly roomy with plenty of space to sprawl your work.

6Look Mum No Hands. This one gets a mention for its name alone plus its a bike friendly place with a workshop out the back. Room is sparse with large countertops for laptops and the like.

7. Tapped and Packed London. This place has a cool atmosphere with regularly changing exhibitions and artwork. It boasts an impressive espresso menu and great food too.

8Wohnzimmer Berlin. Name translated is Living Room and that’s exactly what this café is, in an old apartment.

9St Gaudy Cafe Berlin: This one is also owned by an Australian so you can bet the food and coffee are up to standard. The place also has free wi-fi so is a perfect place to get work done.

10Tobys Estate Sydney: This has been selected as one of the best coffee houses in Sydney according to You Only Live Once which easily earned its place on the list. Plus there is a girl working on her laptop in the picture which suggests you can do the same.

11Auction Rooms, Melbourne. As the name suggests this once was an auction room so there is plenty of room to work and chances are you will always get a table.

12.  Rose Bakery Paris: This place is always busy over brunch so get in early. There are a few tables which are big enough for both your food and your laptop.

13Le Select, Paris: This was once the haunt of Hemingway and Picasso. The place is always swarmed with students, business men and fashionistas so there is plenty of people watching to be done.

14Cafe Beaubourg: You may get distracted by the mime artists, musicians and fire eaters performing on the Esplanade but this places is owned by the style gurus who are behind pretty much every trend setting café in Paris.

Patti Smith stated that once upon a time, cafe use to be filled with writers and true creators. Now there just filled with business like people.

When I walk into a cafe these days with my notebook to write poetry, it is so stressful that I just leave. Big cities are getting so high-end oriented, business corporate fashion, fashion not in an artistic sense but in a corporate sense.

True that sista. If only it was like what it was in the 70s. I love working from my laptop or iPad in a cafe, it begs the question… do we really need an office? Enjoy!