Dutch beer brand Heineken has recently teamed up with BT to provide free wifi for patrons at 100 London pubs and bars.

Heineken Hubs are selected venues across the UK “where specially trained staff take pride in pouring you the perfect Heineken,” in the company’s own words. In partnership with telecom provider BT, patrons at Heineken Hubs will be able to enjoy free wifi. Not only that, but — through a partnership with The Independent’s i publication — they’ll be able to use that wifi to access exclusive location-specific content online. Another 200 pubs across the UK are expected to be added to the list by the end of 2012. “The partnership with BT reinforces the brand’s reputation as a leading player in the development of technology,” explains Rick Lawrence, a marketing manager with Heineken UK. “The wifi initiative will provide excellent exposure for Heineken among its key target audience and build greater affinity between the brand and its consumers.”

Via Heineken