Entrepreneurs are a different breed. Their life is a series of seemingly chaotic activities based around growing their businesses. They are focused and determined. Most of them are quite unreasonable in their aspirations. They have to be otherwise they won’t be successful (and we’d all still be living in caves…)

Here are my personal observations, in no particular order, of the motivations, behaviours and traits of some of the successful entrepreneurs that I know:

  • They focus on being the best at ONE thing
  • They are street-smart, take educated risks and control resources well (cash, manpower etc)
  • They are constantly innovating and frustrate their competitors by compressing time frames and refusing to be a static target
  • They obsess about execution
  • They’re not doing it for the money (they know the money, if it comes, will come later)
  • They focus on creating long term value, not short term results
  • They enmesh themselves in the grit of their business and get damn good at it.
  • They are resilient and persist even when the going gets (really) tough
  • They spend time developing their teams so one day they can take over
  • They surround themselves with good people because they know that they don’t have all the answers themselves
  • They are self critical and honest about their weaknesses
  • They love serving their customers
  • They listen a lot, read a lot, observe a lot and are intellectually curious
  • They have high energy levels but know when to take time off
  • They remain calm under pressure
  • They watch costs closely
  • They don’t Google themselves – they don’t care!

Most importantly, they blaze their own trail and love what they’re doing.

Did I miss anything?

image: Kerry Packer.