The Robo TAP
Country: South Korea
Designer: Gyu Ha Choi
School: Handong Global University

The Robo TAP is a smart evolution of the robotic vacuum cleaner used to target an exact area for cleaning. An IPS system aligned with a simple remote control attached to the shoe or slipper of the user, means automated cleaning can be over-ridden. Two taps on a dirty spot directs the Robo TAP to the precise area. Two more taps will cancel the order and three taps returns the vacuum cleaner to regular cleaning. It’s as fun as tap dancing, but much easier. You can now pretend to be Fred Astaire while effortlessly cleaning the house.


The EcoWash
Country: New Zealand
Designer: David Stockton
School: Massey University School of Design

The EcoWash is the ideal dishwasher for countryside vacations, boating, camping or anywhere else where you don’t have electricity. After eating, one places cutlery and plates into the round small washing machine, add some washing-up liquid and water, close the latch and start turning the handle on the side. The interior rotates to wash the plates efficiently and effortlessly. After use, open the small hatch below to release the water. If you want to dry the plates, just turn the handle a few more times to create a centrifugal force. It’s ecofriendly, handy and easy to carry.

The Cooker EMS
Country: Czech Republic
Designer: Simona Hruskova
School: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

The Cooker EMS Cooker has a wristband design and uses kinetic energy to heat and cook food. Placing the band on your arm or wrist, the body’s own energy is transformed into heat. The wristband can be rolled out and used as a heating plate or wrapped around a coffee mug for instance, or anything else you’d like to keep warm or heat up. It’s a clever way of using one’s own energy and provides an extra incentive to exercise and move around more often during the day (should you need it).

The Heat Grenade
Country: New Zealand
Designer: Sam Evans
School: Massey University

The Heat Grenade is a great looking portable cooking device, conceived for emergency use and powered by paper-thin batteries. These batteries can produce power and recharge from water absorbed from the air. When closed, the concept resembles an oval aluminium egg. However, when the top button is pressed it folds out like a flower to turn into an induction hob with a black glass surface and a control panel that slides out from under it. This is the most stylish emergency kit you can find!

Country: Australia
Designer team: Saba Zare
School: University of New South Wales

‘Mywash’ is a communal washing machine designed for use with personalised laundry baskets that double up as washing drums. Operation is performed by simply loading the baskets with your laundry and then you’re able to control the process via a smartphone, connected via 3G, anytime and from anywhere you wish. The phone application let’s you decide on the timing when you want to wash your clothes as well as what washing programs you prefer, including specific preferences such as a longer soaking time.

Country: Canada
Designer: Andrew Parsons
School: Humber College

Breez is a portable and easy to stow away dish dryer that helps you quickly dry your hand washed plates, ensuring you avoid bacteria and germs that can spread when drying many plates with the same cloth. A digital pulse motor concentrates air to a thin stream that blows the plate dry when once moved through the machine. The air travels at a speed of 400 MPH (644 km/h) and leaves the plate completely dry and ready to place directly into the cupboard.

The Wave
Country: South Korea
Designer: Kim Min Seok
School: Seoul National University of Technology & Science

The Wave washing assistant helps you to identify the severity of a stain, to pre-wash and also communicate with your washing machine in order to get the best results with the minimum use of water and detergents. The contamination sensor will determine what needs to be done; the Wave then applies ultrasound and water to stains and uses hot air to dry as required. When the Wave is placed in its dock for charging, it can also communicate with your washing machine so that you can operate it remotely.