For IF Vividuncluttered white spaces has curated a panel of experts to discuss the cultural impact of technology on people, business and organisations.


The panel will address the simple question, what has changed, what is changing and what should we be doing to address these changes?


Information overload, rapid and unceasing change in a world increasingly defined by technology has and will continue to radically alter society, from the way we relate to each other, organise and communicate – to how we consume and do business.


So what are the emerging and future media and information technologies and more importantly, how will they continue to alter our lives on both personal and professional levels? What kind of society will they shape? What are the commercial implications of these new technologies and how will they alter the way we communicate to consumers and do business? Most importantly, how will they impact on our culture?


The future is here, we just haven’t caught up yet.


Join our panel to discuss the future of technology and the impacts on our immediate future.

The impact you have in your life is shaped by the people you meet. We simply seek to accelerate that process by putting together an inspiring panel of experts with an audience looking to challenge conventional thinking and bring about change.

IF connects local innovators and experts to discuss far-reaching themes like ethonomics, online, design, technology and more.

Tickets for the last event sold out really fast, so hurry and get in quick…

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