Australians love food, beer and barbies. Here is a detailed look at how we waste it and a some ideas on what problems our waste can solve.

Hungry Beast is a weekly, half-hour, TV show on ABC television combining journalism, comedy and the reportage of weird. It asks questions others don’t, covers stories others won’t and brings them to your screen in ways that only this unique team of broadcasters can do.

The show launched in 2009 after a nationwide search for young people (all under 30) new to mainstream television. The presenters, producers, reporters, researchers, shooter/directors, graphic designers, editors and writers were drawn from across Australia. The idea was to offer a fresh take on the world from a generation grown up in the digital age.

That first series and the second run in 2010 covered diverse stories, ranging from what happens to our digital self after we die, to the role the media played in creating the so-called ‘Gang of 49’, to a sneak preview of Avatar II.  Highlights from Series 1 can be seen here, and the greatest hits of Series 2, here.

Series 3 in 2011 brings the same investigative instinct, humour and innovative approach to specific themes: secrets, captivity, faking it, waste, and download among them. Presented by Kirsten DrysdaleNick HaydenDan Ilic, and Monique Schafter, there are  favourites like Beast FileStuff SaidFollow The Money, and much more to come.

You can watch Hungry Beast on ABC1 at 9.30pm. If you miss it you can catch it again on ABC2 on Thursdays at 10.15pm. If you are overseas, you can see it for the following fortnight on iPad app iView or from the Hungry Beast  website.

Each week we will feature the online infographics from the show and important content.