Montante Maserati 8CTF

In celebration of their famous 1940 win at the Indianapolis 500 known as the “Boyle Special,” Maseratiteamed up with cult Italian bike builder Cicli Montante to create a limited-edition bicycle resembling the victorious fixed head, eight-cylinder 8CTF race car. With driver Wilbur Shaw behind the wheel for the second year in a row, Maserati historically took first place proving the prowess of European design.


Rapha Bicycle Collection


As purveyors of some of today’s top cycling gear and accessories, it’s completely logical that Rapha would foray into the world of bike building. What makes the move interesting is how they chose to do it. Like all their products, diehard cyclists helped conceive the newly-launched bicycle collection, and they partnered “with four masters of frame building to offer four distinct, hand-made bicycles.” While each of the models have been made by their respective brands before, this limited edition run of customizable, Rapha-approved bikes will only be available for the next two years.

Duo: Audi and hardwood bike experts Renovo team up

Born of a “mutual desire to create transportation that is engineered art,” stunning craftsmanship and technology is at the forefront of the recent collaboration bringing together Portland bike-builder Renovo and Audi. The collection of handmade wooden bicycles, dubbed Duo, consists of three styles—city, sport and road—that each combine “luxury and performance.”


Focale 44 Polo Bike

Focale 44 is the fixed gear arm of a French BMX company who came on the scene with a series of modular looking off-the-peg bikes in 2009, and this is their contribution to the sport of bike polo.

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