The concept of this infograph is simple, when you make a choice to do something, you give up an opportunity to do something else (potentially valuable). As TV waves invade our homes and consciousness, we have to ask ourselves: “What is the real cost of watching TV”? How does TV impact our lifestyle, the planet and opportunity? It is an interesting question.

In 1998, I lived in British Columbia Canada and I met a guy named Greg Johnson, 23, no TV. He was looking for a room-mate but couldn’t find one… “who would move in with a guy who could not watch the X-Files”.

At the time, Greg was running a part-time business, a ski instructor, he was also trading cars online and later that year, before I moved back to Sydney, he launched a not for profit for injured ski and snowboard professionals. During the same period, I rode my snowboard daily, went home broke, however I never missed an episode of X-Files. I wonder what Greg is up to now?