On April 2, there will be another ugly anti-climate tax rally in Hyde Park, Sydney. The loud, angry and often ugly rantings of a small minority of Australians egged on by self-promoting shock jocks has the potential to derail efforts by Australia to act on climate change, despite growing evidence that climate change is already happening.

There are those who want sensible action on climate change and they outnumber these overly vocal few. It starts on the morning of Saturday, April 2.

Come along at 11am on Saturday, April 2 at Belmore Park to ensure your voice for climate change action is heard?

Imagine gathering on the streets of Sydney with thousands of other people who, like you, have a positive, clean energy vision for Australia’s future and are willing to stand up for it.

In Melbourne – 8,000 people came together to support strong action on climate change, and only 200 turned up against it – and now we can have a strong say in Sydney to call for smart, forward-thinking action to stop climate change.

If enough of us unite, we can silence the climate deniers, and we can show once and for all that Australians support strong action on climate change.

So join in on April 2nd to Belmore Park, Sydney and be part of the call for action.

We’re not interested in shouting into megaphones, carrying offensive or insulting signs or using violent language. Instead, we’ll hear from a few of good speakers and celebrate our unified call for a clean energy future.

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With hope,

Blair Palese | CEO for 350.org
Emily, Matthew and the  team

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