The inter-webs are jammed full of gazillions of mega-billions of articles and posts about how to improve things; your life, your happiness, your job or even your libido.

We no longer need more information. What we now need is better filters. We need ways to cut through the clutter, and discover only the bits that have relevance, deep insights, and some evidence that they work.

Uncluttered White Spaces aims to be one such conduit to insights. Another that we would love to mention is Lone Gunman.

Lone Gunman is run by Lloyd Morgan, a Welshman currently living in the Netherlands. He reads a stupendous amount of blogs, books and ideas, and then summarises their insights in short and actionable posts. There’s not pretty pictures or fancy info-graphics like UWS, instead you get short summaries chocked full of pertinent prose. And then, once a year, he summarises the best of all those posts. That’s when I grab a glass of wine, set aside the next hour or two, and explore some great links that can help improve my life and happiness.

His recent year 3 in review covers links like:

  • Which health supplements actually have evidence that they work?
  • What are the most important ingredients to help you be happy in your job?
  • What were the ten design commandments of Dieter Rams?

He splits his summaries by category, so you can just dig in to the areas of your life or work that you’d most like to explore.

And if Lloyd happens to stumble across this summary during all of his research, then a heartfelt “thank you”, for helping share some great findings.

Go now. Check it out: HERE

Image via Insight