@white_spaces favourite Kickstarter campaign in 2010.

2010 was a record-setting year on Kickstarter with thousands of projects funded, hundreds of thousands of videos watched, and millions of dollars pledged. In 2010 alone the number of new projects per day quadrupled.

In 2009 Kickstarter’s largest project was Designing Obama, Scott Thomas’ exploration of the Obama campaign’s design, which raised a remarkable $85,000 however in December. Fast forward to 2010 TikTok just missed out on the $1,000,000 mark for his innovative watch band.

Have a quick look at the numbers. I recall conversations with business owners, VC’s and really smart people in early 2010 stating this was a passing fad and whilst they might raise funds, it is not a business model for the people behind it. It’s only chance of success is scale and volume… well they got both. Here is a look at the amazing numbers thumped out in 2010 and they getting better and better by the day.

  • Total Successfully Funded Projects: 3,910
  • Total Dollars Pledged: $27,638,318
  • Total Pledges: 386,373
  • Total Rewards Selected: 322,526
  • Total Pageviews: 50,234,521
  • Total Visits: 15,766,248
  • Total Visitors: 8,294,183

To read the interview with the founders, click here to visit the kickstarter blog.

Via Josh Capelin on Twitter