A runner up at the IIDA 2010 Awards competition, organized by Designboom and Incheon Metropolitan city, South Korea was the ‘C-Water’ by Chinese designer Chao Gao. This purification system uses the sun’s heat for desalination and allows the fresh water to be collected in a separate reservoir.

C-Water can be used in various environments and is portable in nature, making it an ideal accessory for travelers.

‘c-water’ is a device which produces freshwater. it evaporates sewage, salt water and other watery
objects by the use of heat, which is generated from sunlight. it is applicable to wetlands, beaches, boats,
sewage and other places. it has a flexible and compactable design. not only can it be used as a deflector
of steam, it is also space-saving and convenient for transporting. what’s more, it is beneficial for travelers.
the aim of ‘c-water’ is to advocate the value of creating highly environmental protection with low costs.

This project is a part of the iida awards 2010 competition, organized by designboom in collaboration with incheon metropolitan city