With an insanely dark ethical past, times seem to be changing for Nike. Being one of the biggest apparel companies in the world, the mission is all about competitive excellence and we all know they want to be the best.

Now focusing on corporate sustainability, the latest offering from their innovative green room is easily one of the best websites we have seen. However, are they really becoming all the things they say they are whilst they still make offshore in third world countrires, questionably (rumoured) to use child labour and ironically, save 8 plastic bottles to make one large one to package their latest t-shirts. Why not just save 8 plastic bottles and be done with it?

None the less, they have impressed many with the Nike green strategy, that has produced big positive steps in the last few years with greater use of sustainable fabrics such as recyclable PET, shoes made from wastebanning deforestation leather, and offering their sustainable design tool for free.

Now all their good work, has been collated in the brilliantly designed Better World site highlighting the best of Nike’s sustainability initiatives.This is an amazing site with stories and causes that really matter. We are super excited about the new lighter, stronger shoebox that will be released in 2011. Using 23% less material in the box saves the equivalent of 200,000 trees annually.

And like all of our shoeboxes since 1995, it’s made with 100% recycled cardboard. Trees should be hugging us.

What are your thoughts on this… are Nike heading in the right direction?

Visit: Better World site