Take some time to have a look at How the Recession Changed Us, a sprawling infographic created by The Atlantic.

Since October 2007, the federal deficit in the USA has grown from $161 billion to $1.3 trilllion (a sevenfold gain); personal bankruptcies have doubled, from 775,334 to 1,538,033; and active militias have swollen from 43 to 127 (while firearm sales have spiked = nice, just what America needs).

24% of 18-29 year olds moved in with their parents at some point, and the savings rate — which economists used to scream about, but which never used to budge — has doubled. Again, this is all within just over two years.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, banks have shut their doors and almost every state faces a budget shortfall. How will this impact the future of America? Considered consumption perhaps?