Super Top Secret just printed up some new Super Top Secret t-shirts. Instead of selling them, they are using them as an opportunity to give something back to the homeless.

All you have to do to get one of the shirts is send them a heinous Ed Hardy tee (or Affliction tee).

In turn around they will donate it to the homeless. You get some a cool new t-shirt and at the same time help bring this rid the world of Ed Hardy tees. They will also accept Monarchy or any other offensively bedazzled man blouse. Along with your donation they will post pictures of where your old t-shirt ended up.

Whilst any form of donation to those in need is good, we can’t help but feel they could save some time by just sending the Super Top Secret tees straight out to the homeless. Is this really about helping homeless or making a statement against Ed Hardy? So whilst we think you should support them if this is your thing, we feel there are certainly better ways to “Really Make the World a Better Place” and it doesn’t start with advertising firm Super Top Secret.

To really help the homeless, try here or here

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