BY IAN LYONS | Students Erik Hogfeldt and Gustav Johansson take a fresh look at how a large Nordic energy company might use its marketing budget if it wanted to innovate.

The idea delivers a lot … (See video below)

Here is a breakdown of the idea:

  • Create awareness about the product – and how much energy it takes to produce
  • Increase contact from a monthly bill to a useful daily habit
  • Move brand from staid and boring to fun and active
  • Any energy you produce gets removed from your bill – and your waist line
  • Single sign on and syncronisation to online hub
  • Energy becomes something you manage – through an interest in the bill
  • Simple calendar integration so it get scheduled into my life
  • Auto status updates based on proximity to gym
  • Visibility into which friends are also active
  • Turn facebook or twitter status fields replace ad space because this is something people want to share
  • Mobile app that allows you to access not only your bill but manage the devices at home

Above all, it makes sense that people would want to get involved – and it doesn’t require any significant new behaviours.  It’s certainly something that could be funded as a trial out of a marketing budget.

One question I have is why didn’t Fortum run with any of the ideas?  Here’s the web site today …