In what is believed to be a world first, one hundred money and pie hungry contestants will battle it out to see who can stay on line the longest and win $10,000. The competition is being promoted via a rather watchable web film shot by Gobstopper’s Perry Westwood and a series of eye catching posters featuring some well seasoned eye candy.

The online competition is a digital version of the classic hot hand promotions where the last person left standing with their hand on the car wins the wheels. The Crusty contestants will log onto the competition site: via webcam and be issued a series of challenges over the duration of the comp.

The rules are simple. Leave the cameras field of vision (apart from the allocated toilet breaks) and you’re out. Fail to complete a challenge and you’re out. He or she who’s left standing is crowned the Crusty Challenge champ and will stumble away ten grand richer.

Thanks to Glenn Chandler via Best Ads