FROM THE BULL | Most days I’m at my desk at 8.30am and I don’t get up from it until around noon. My goal is to do a full day’s work before lunch. I set myself a big task to get done in this time – something that really matters to my business interests. I can only do this by locking myself away for 3 ½ hours and avoiding distractions.

Time is precious so I try to use it well. The rest of the day I can do whatever I want – business development, future planning, day to day stuff or nothing at all, if I choose. The pre-lunch discipline allows me this luxury. Even if I have a particularly busy week I still adhere to this protocol – it means that I’m always moving forward.

Most of the time I check my emails once or twice a day. I try to never do this first thing in the morning (although I’m not perfect with this). If there’s anything urgent I tell people to call me. My mobile phone is always on. I don’t get a lot of urgent calls.

I don’t like fuss, clutter or waste. Consistent high quality work is important to me and maximum output for minimum input is what I strive for. The last thing I need is a blackberry or similar device that beeps and distracts me from doing any of this.

Blackberry addicts operate differently to this. They have convinced themselves that is important to read and respond to any email immediately. It isn’t. Most of it is unimportant or spam. It can be deferred until later or ignored. By answering it immediately it is prioritised ahead of EVERYTHING else you’re doing.

I’ve never understood why it so important to read or respond to every email immediately upon receiving it. It makes no sense to me. I’d rather get a “considered” response than a quick one any day.

Here’s the key – the latest Blackberry, iPhone or similar gizmo doesn’t automatically make you more productive – used improperly, they allow less important matters to jump ahead in the priority queue. This is bad for business.

It’s time to wise up. As painful as it might be consider handing your blackberry back in or only check your emails once or twice a day. You’ll be amazed at the difference this single change will make to your life. You might even discover, like I did, 3 ½ hours of extra time every day to get important stuff done…

What are your thoughts?

Image Courtesy of Bentley… telling it how it is.