By Ando FallshawMiyo stumbled upon this short article talking about Jobsie. It’s a really good refresher for the idea that less is more: Fast Company Article Here

There are so many companies spewing out so much crap, where they can’t stay on top of it all, support it, nurture it, refine it.

I heard someone describe it as the Euro model vs the US model. In Europe, traditionally you research a jacket, save up for it, then buy it and wear the jacket frequently. It means that brands need to really pin point accurate in their offerings.

In the US, traditionally you buy it on a whim (and on credit), wear it once every week or two, then discard it easily. So brands produce stuff to meet this consumer behaviour, relying on marketing to sell the concept, rather than the reality.

They were suggesting that Euro’s are therefor more educated consumers, can better appreciate quality, and are more willing to pay for it. But they were also suggesting that this is more the way of the future, now that we can draw on the research of the masses, and also now that conspicuous consumption may wane.

Not so sure about those opinions, but I feel certain about the benefits to really editing your offering, and only releasing products and ideas that you can get really excited about.

Oh, and I loved the way his PDA aversion was guided by a key insight. I like approaching products with a key insight to guide them. It helps you keep a difference in the product with all the small decisions.

Do you have the guts to keep things simple? Steve Jobs does, and it’s been crucial to his success.