by ANDREW FALLSHAW | It’s against the natural order… technology is meant to move forwards. We get better at things, more efficient, higher, faster, stronger. All that stuff.

So it feels crazy weird when we go backwards. The concord is an obvious example. Fly London to New York in 3 1/2 hours? Yeah, they used to be able to do that. Now it takes more than twice that time.

Walk on the moon? There’s some really old guys that have done that, but I’m not sure we still know how…

It’s funny that as we charge ahead (and we really are charging ahead), priorities can change and skills and technology in particular areas can recede.

Some examples are perhaps less obvious:

  • Mozart’s requiem? That’s going to be hard to top.
  • Maintaining our waistlines? We used to be able to do that.
  • Fuel efficiency? Until very recently, many developed country’s vehicles have been getting less fuel efficient than they were 20 years ago. Sure, the engines have improved a little, but cars now weigh 2 ton rather than one, and that makes a difference.

I actually love our general technological progress, and have really high hopes for how we might solve our current issues with it. I just also think it’s interesting to see how important our motivations are in all this.

Perhaps 7 and a bit hours is OK for a flight to New York, so long as we can do it with our feet up and a glass of champagne at the ready?

And the moon? There’s no surf up there, so who’d want to go anyways…