One of us is a numbers guy and the other is a word guy, but we both like pictures too.

That’s why we made this illustrated edition of SuperFreakonomics: sometimes numbers and words aren’t enough. By ‘pictures,’ we mean a lot of different things—photographs, illustrations, scientific or technical drawings, even panels of data. The idea was simply to add another dimension to the two-dimensional words and numbers we’d already put down on paper. To show, for instance, an actual tracking sheet used to gather data on street prostitution in Chicago. To diagram how easy it was to turn a bunch of altruists into a gang of thieves. To see what the ‘garden-hose-to-the- sky’ scheme to fight global warming might look like. Because the pages in this edition are larger than those in the original, we also had room to add several stories that hadn’t fit, as well an original poem from a climate scientist and, perhaps most improbably, an epistolary duel between that same scientist and one of the giants of twentieth- century literature.

We hope this gives you a taste of what awaits in SuperFreakonomics: The Super-Deluxe, Super-Illustrated Edition Thereof.
–Steve D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Personal Healthcare Spending

As U.S. health care continues to grow more expensive, have you ever wondered which medical conditions consume the most resources? Here’s a look at personal health-care spending by category in recent years.

Five Leading Causes of Death Among U.S. Children

Here are the five leading causes of death among U.S. children ages 1-8, as a percentage of total, over the past quarter century. Motor-vehicle accidents were the leading cause of death for U.S. children back then, and they still are today, but the rate of death has been falling. Most of the credit has gone to the car seat

Maternal Death Rates in Vienna 1841-1846

A 19th century obstetrician, Ignatz Semmelweis, became a data detective to uncover the reasons for the alarming discrepancy between maternal death rates in the two wards of Vienna General Hospital.

Money Raised in 1954 vs. Number of Victims in 1954