1. At Google, new parents get more than maternity leave: up to $500 of reimbursements for take-out when their newborn’s needs mean no time for home cooking.

2. Washington-area Microsoft employees can take leisurely rides to work on one of dozens of WiFi-equipped buses.

3. Like profit sharing with clever incentives, Whole Foods’ Gainsharing Program “rewards those factors that team members have most control over, like productivity, scheduling, and customer service.”

4. After every seven years of full-time work at Intel, employees are eligible for eight weeks of fully paid sabbatical.

5. It’s only fitting that at the rugged outfitter Timberland, new dads can get paid paternity leave

6. Forty percent of IBM’s workforce has no official office

7. Employees at the Quiksilver apparel company are encouraged to make time for surf sessions during their workdays.

8. Should an employee at the consulting firm Deloitte decide to adopt a child, he or she could get reimbursed up to $5,000 for associated expenses.

9. Not only will Nike help out its workers with the tuition-related costs of their educations, employees’ kids are also eligible for scholarships.

10. Patagonia offers an employee internship program, allowing workers to take paid time off to intern at the environmental nonprofit of their choice.

11. With the company’s outstanding environmental and community record, work at Method, which makes home-care and personal-care products, means no shortage of peace of mind. Employees also have plenty of time for contemplation, with upward of four weeks’ paid vacation (plus extra time for community service).

12. Trader Joe’s has a company-paid retirement plan that automatically pays an amount equal to 15.4 percent of a worker’s annual income into a retirement account—without the employee having to contribute a single cent.

13. Spouses, children, and parents of employees (and the employees themselves) can fly Southwest Airlines for free.

14. Target will connect employees to “wellness coaches,” who help them lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthily, and de-stress.

15. Bank of America offers 12 weeks of paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.

16. Netflix full-timers not only get unlimited rentals, but also unlimited vacation days, as long as they get their work done.

17. Forget relocation assistance: Get hired at the strategy company 6.2 and you can work from wherever you currently live. No 9-5, no mundane meetings… live on the cloud with just the work.

18. Few companies manage to be as fun and successful as the famously weird Zappos, where parades and pajama parties help stave off corporate drudgery.

19. Best Buys famous “results-only work environment” means no mandatory hours and no mandatory meetings.

20. When you work for Habitat for Humanity, at the end of the day, you’ve built somebody a house.

List thanks to Good