Bethnal Green Ventures is a practical school for people who want to use the web and mobile technology to change stuff that really matters: from health care and education to employment and energy creation.

BGV grew from the team behind Social Innovation Camp.


Bethnal Green Ventures Nightschool is the first part of a project to create a new way of supporting people to grow sustainable, scalable, web-based social innovations.

BGV is a practical school for people who want to use technology to make the world a better place. They support great people with new ideas to help build web-based solutions to social problems through an intensive three-month accelerator programme: taking an idea from back-of-the-envelope to social start-up.

There’s huge potential for the online world to radically improve things that really matter in the offline world: from how we provide health and social care to designing new forms of education, energy creation and employment.

These ideas don’t come from traditional companies, governments or charities. They start with smart, passionate, practical people.

And they can’t be created within old organisations either. They’re social start-ups: new organisational forms that blur the boundaries between public, private and social.

Bethnal Green Ventures seeks out tough problems and great people and matches them with the support they need to grow sustainable, scalable social innovations.

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