In the year 2050, 35.2 m2 – the same size as a boxing ringwill be the average living space per person. A solution for this cramped space could be storing groceries outside the home, to save both space and energy:

Cooking, Storing and Cleaning Solutions for Small Domestic Spaces

In this year’s edition of the Electrolux Design Lab contest, 1300 industrial designers were challenged to develop concepts that meet future space efficiency and sustainability demands. Out of these, the jury selected eight finalists from China, Iran, the USA, Australia, Sweden, India, Russia and France. (See press release ). As urbanisation accelerates, living space will be even smaller than 35.5m2 in  densely populated cities. The United Nations predicts that 74 percent of people will live in cities by 2050. (*estimates for the UK, Environmental Institute at Oxford University).

“With every passing year the standard of entries to the Electrolux Design Lab contest becomes stronger.” says Henrik Otto, SVP of Global Design at Electrolux. ”The eight finalists have made it this far on account of their ability to recognize and respond to the challenge of the brief and should be congratulated for innovative solutions that consider efficient use of domestic space”.

There are two chances to get the world’s first glance of the physical concept models from the Electrolux Design Lab contest:

  1. John Lewis department store, 300 Oxford Street (September 16th – 22nd)
  2. 100% Design, Stand K62, Earls Court, London (September 23rd – 26th)

Also, do not miss the designer seminar at 100% Design, Earls Court (September 23rd, 11:00– 17:15 pm BST). Speakers include:

The finalists in the Design Lab challenge will also present their individual concepts, and the winner will be announced by jury. See full list of speakers and schedule here

The  seminar is broadcast live on

View below for our top 3 designs. see them all here: Flickr

Clean Closet, Michael Edenius, Sweden – All in One Laundry Concept

The Clean Closet is essentially just that – a closet that cleans clothing.
Textiles are scanned for impurities and cleaned accordingly with molecular
technology that removes dirt and odours. The concept replaces the laundry
basket, the wash ing machine, and drying cabinet to save space and, as no
water is used in the process, is kinder to the environment.

Bio Robot Refrigerator, Yuriy Dmitriev, Russia – Cool, Green, Food

Four times smaller than a conventional refrigerator, the Bio Robot cools
biopolymer gel through luminescence. Rather than shelves, the non sticky,
odourless gel morphs around products to create a separate pod that suspends
items for easy access. Without doors, draws and a motor 90% of the
appliance is solely given over to its intended purpose. At the same time,
all food, drink and cooled products are readily available, odours are
contained, and items are kept individually at their optimal temperature by
bio robots. The fridge is adaptable – it can be hung vertically,
horizontally, and even on the ceiling. Different sizes and dimensions allow
it to perfectly fit the accordant dwelling.

Eco Cleaner, Ahi Andy Mohsen, Iran – Portable, Compact Dishwasher

The Eco Cleaner is a portable dishwasher and composter that uses ultrasonic
waves to ionise food and turn it in to reusable waste. Ahi Andy Mohsen’s
concept is designed for use within the increasing numbers of single
households and specifically meeting dual predictions: that future food will
be supplied in capsule form (thus reducing the required size of vessels to
prepare and eat from); and that there will be reduced time for household
chores. The Eco Cleaner is simultaneously green and space efficient.

IMAGE BOX IN CENTRE PAGE: A selection from the eight final concepts. Clockwise starting in the upper left corner:  “CLEAN CLOSET”: An all-in-one  Laundry Concept. A wardrobe that cleans and makes tha washing basket redundant. (by Michael Edenius, Sweden) – “MODULAR KITCHEN”: wall-mounted appliance provides flexible modes of cooking, refrigeration, air conditioning, lighting, and environmental design while reducing space (by Matthew Gilbride, USA) – “DISMOUNT WASHER”:  Wash & Go Laundry (by Lichen Guo, China) – “BIO ROBOT REFRIGERATOR”: An intelligent gel keeps your food fresh. (by Yuriy Dmitriev, Russia).