Life in the world of planetary destruction. Visual Economics have created an amazing infograph pointing us towards things BP could have bought with all the money they lost in the oil spill.

  • 10 years of clean water for each of the 884,000 people without access to it.
  • A new home to replace all 275,000 homes lost in Hurricane Katrina.
  • A Walmart ice cream sandwich for everyone on Earth.
  • Yahoo + Twitter
  • A Toyota Prius for all of BP’s 92,000 employees (or 91,999 if you exclude Tony).
  • An island in the Bahamas (not covered in oil yet).
  • A pogo stick for all elementary kids in the US.
  • A  pack of 3 condoms fro all American teenagers.
  • An iPad for all US college students.
  • A trip to outer space for all US Senators (not sure if that’s a single or return ticket).
  • A year’s sponsorship of a million needy kids in poor parts of the world.
  • And a  few other things.
  • All adds up to $100,000,000,000.
  • There’s a bill for over $3.5billion to cleaning up the mess.
  • Plus Greenpeace closed a few petrol stations.

Via Visual Economics