Can a parking meter help deal with homelessness?

Montréal’s retired mechanical parking meters, ParcoDons, have been recycled and redesigned to collect donations to help the city’s homeless. The project was launched in 2007 and this year, its organizers asked local Quebec celebrities and organizations to “adopt” and personalize the parking meters with acrylic paint. Accordingly, the decorated meters—each signed by a person or institution—have been placed throughout the streets of Ville-Marie, amounting to a sort of local Walk of Fame.

All funds collected in the meters will be used by L’Itinéraire to provide a wide variety of services for the benefit of Montréal’s homeless. Avideo on YouTube illustrates the project in more detail.

In the ParcoDon effort’s first three years, it raised around $23,000 for the homeless cause. Social entrepreneurs take note and be inspired!

Via Montreal Gazette and Springwise