321 Water Crowdfunding 2.0

Gretha Oost doesn’t believe there are any problems too big to solve. Her high ideals and big ideas mean that if she sees something that needs to change in the world, she figures out a way to do it. Running a small company does not deter her from making big things happen.

Beginning when Gretha and her husband Willem rode 11,000 kilometres by bicycle through South America to raise funds for Oxfam, her journey from fundraiser to enviropreneur has been driven by a genuine desire to create a better, healthier world.

But it was only when Gretha moved to Australia from her homeland of The Netherlands that she focused her attention on preserving one of our most precious natural resources, water.

Gretha initially inspired people to become more aware of their water use by developing the ShowerWatch. Now she wants us to get excited about drinking tap water again and has invented 321 Water.

Gretha wholeheartedly believes that great design and an unusual approach can drive environmental change.

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