MOVE-ON is a suitcase collection that addresses some issues frequently faced by people who travel.

The concept of “traveler” is a bit outdated and the modern nomads are in fact “experience seekers” who need more than just tools for their journeys.
With MOVE-ON we want to show how suitcases can be as practical and beautiful as they have always been, but with a little plus.

  • SURFN is fully functional as a regular suitcase, but with a twist. It is robust, aesthetically pleasant and high quality yet, with an extra: the fun factor. It converts into a scooter or you can also use it to carry more pieces of luggage on it.
  • RIDN provides a sitting area while keeping a robust, cutting edge design. We know how tiring it is to be waiting in long check-in lines without having where to sit.
  • STROLLN is the best way for you to carry your stuff and give a panoramic ride to your baby. Leave the stroller at home and just travel with this suitcase, which is also a stroller!

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