If you have a bit of entrepreneurial flare, you really should check out Paul Graham’s essays. Paul is a start up godfather, experimenting with start-up ‘factories‘ as he tries to find new ways to create value.  A while back he wrote on wealth – what it is and how to get it. If you have time, go and read the original. If you don’t, here is my attempt at summarizing it.

Wealth is not money. Wealth is what you want, money is just something we use to move wealth around.

Wealth is not fixed in the world. You can make more wealth. If you water your vegie patch, your vegetables grow bigger, you create wealth. If you work out how to make that machine perform just as well but with a few less parts, you create wealth.
Basically, good ideas and hard work create wealth. And as we build on the good ideas of those before us, the total wealth in the world increases.
Why do we care? You don’t have to buy big cars with it. What it gives you is more ability to get what you want. That can be boats, donuts or solving world poverty.

To get rich (however you care to measure that) you need to get yourself in a situation with two things, measurement and leverage. Your performance needs to be measurable, and the decisions you make need to have a big effect.

And unsurprisingly, Paul suggests start-ups as one of your best chances for achieving wealth.
If that is sounding at all interesting, I can thoroughly recommend his list of essays. Give it a scroll and find one that interests you. They are all good for their right audience.