Micku Murgolo, Bustin Boards

When it comes to skate, Brooklyn has been recognized for having some of the most creative and driven women on the planet. Brooklyn’s Homage, independently co-owned by female boarder Michelle Sauer, and Bustin Boards are good examples, with a strong female presence on their team rosters.

Transworld business has interviewed some of the most inspiring women leaders in Skate in a captivating article. Bustin Boards’ women athletes Jenica Davenport, Nathalie Herring and Micku Murgolo recently proved their skills at the 2010 Central Park Race collectively taking first, second and third place, all completing the 6.7 mile loop in under 30 minutes and beating most guys. TransWorld Business caught up with the shops and their women athletes to find out more about the female skate revolution in NYC and why it’s an important part of the skate industry.

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Jenica Davenport, Bustin Boards

Vicky Paez, Homage Brooklyn

Nathalie Herring, BUSTIN Boards