Following the success of London Pirate Radio, a documentary created by Palladium and VICE, and the Palladium x Logan Sama Mix tape release, Palladium continues their association with grime music at Bread & Butter Berlin 2010 with an exciting extension of the pirate radio concept.

Palladium and VICE are creating Palladium Radio, a unique pop up pirate radio station specifically programmed for BBB 2010 – featuring a combination of established London pirate radio dons and a cross-section of the brightest and most exciting new talent currently on the airwaves.

Visitors to BBB 2010 will be able to tune in to Palladium Radio live and direct every day from 10am-6pm via wireless headphones on site or via live stream from anywhere else on the planet.

The daily show will feature a plethora of pirate radio talent from future hip-hop king Alex Nut to leaders of grime’s new school Spyro and Elijah & Skilliam via dubstep turntable stars Oneman, Braiden and Brackles. Palladium Radio will be hosted by VICE’s James Knight (BBC6 Music host).

Palladium was founded in 1920 to make aircraft tires for the aviation industry. In 1947, after the end of WWII saw demand for tires dry up, Palladium put their canvas and rubber expertise to use by making boots that were as hard wearing as their tires. Palladium became a boot company and then outfitters of the legendary French Foreign Legion with their classic canvas Pampa boot. Over 60 years later the timeless design of Palladium’s signature Pampa boot is as relevant as ever and available once again for explorers worldwide.