Of the 65 billion plastic water bottles we buy each year, nearly four out of five end up in a landfill or an incinerator. That’s a hell of a lot of trash when a solution is sitting in our taps in most developed nations and along with awareness of the issue all around us.

NewDealDesign‘s solution: the Tami Bar Primo is a sort of souped-up water cooler for your countertop. Using proprietary carbon technology, it spews hot or cold filtered water directly into your glass at a rate of 2 liters a minute. That amounts to 1000 water bottles not consumed then tossed annually per household. So if 500,000 families use the water filter, they eliminate waste from 500 million bottles a year.

The Primo isn’t cheap — about $1,000, plus $70 for a filter, which needs to be changed twice a year. We say get one regardless of the cost or just start drinking more tap water. But, for everyones sake, lets stop purchasing bottled water for $3 per go from a shop.

Drinking bottled water is about as cool as smoking whilst pregnant.