Last night, a 6 year old friend read me her school speech on the future for her year 1 class.

It really moved me so I thought I would share it with you. Whilst the little author of this piece did not hint at becoming a writer, she did however say it was ok that I gave her some space on uncluttered white spaces to share her thoughts with our readers.

To leverage Ben Crows great words around child like thinking, this is a moving perspective from a 6 year old on her vision of the future and a stark reminder of the excitement in relation to what is in front of us.

This kind of thinking should not expire.

From a 6 year old to her classroom.

When I grow up I don’t know what I am going to be because they might invent a new job which I might choose. Like heating up food for other people.

I might go to master chef or I might help other people doing things.

I might be a netballer because I am a netballer, I do it with Morgan and Tia.

I might help other animals because I have a rabbit and a dog. My uncles job is a zoo keeper.

I might even be an illustrator.

I might be a dancer or I might sing.

I have not a clue what I am going to be.

There are so many different jobs to do.

It will be fun finding a job.

What does the future hold for you. Or more importantly, what are you going to be? Sure we all have a plan, but what happens when it fails? Do you take every failure and unexpected change as an opportunity to try things differently. The greatest achievements come from perseverance, chance, and trial and error.

When your future takes an unexpected turn, run with it.