If you were able to make $48,500 a year by following your passion, would you do it? That number comes from 279 Days to Overnight Success, an e-book by writer and world traveler Chris Guillebeau that outlines how he became a full-time writer/blogger in less than a year. Depending on who you are and where you live, Guillebeau’s projected annual income of just under $50k may or may not sound like much money. Regardless, it raises questions about how we define success: Is it about money? Is it about personal fulfillment? Is it about doing good in the world?

The 99% have taken the time to conduct a compelling interview with renowned blogger Chris Guillebeau. The interview is an inspiring view on what doing means. Chris’s view amongst other equates to

“Balanced People Don’t Change the World” // “Remarkable, happy, creative people tend to be pro-change or at least pro-risk”.

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