Have you heard of Bec-a-Licious cakes? Never? We find that hard to believe however we are quite proud that we have now addressed that problem for you.

We stumbled across the Bec-a-licious facebook fan page looking for a cake for a friends party. Whilst the site doesn’t give much away, it does however share some of the amazing creations. Here is what we found out. Bec-a-licious is a small company created by a created uber-mum Bec Chandler in western Sydney with a really simple mission. To make great cakes.

Here are some of our favourite creations and the team at uncluttered white spaces take our hats off to mothers all over the world with small companies that create.

We want to know about more small businesses like this one making an impact. Know any? Let us know. What did you create today?

To learn more visit Bec-a-licious