On the 14th of July, uncluttered white spaces is hoster a talk in Sydney on the Sustainable Future. As our environment is currently facing huge obstacles that have the potential to seriously disrupt our future and the future of our shared environment. Whilst there is speculation, the current apocalyptic predictions for our planet tend to paralyze people rather than motivate people to take action.

However this is changing and Australia is home to some of the world leaders in environmental, sustainable and pure living methodologies, practices and knowledge. uncluttered white spaces set out to find the innovators who seek to create a better future for humanity by improving our shared environment. Be it through design, business, collaboration or strategic thinking and action.

This IF talk is an enthusiastic and informed look and discussion around the future of pure living, why, how and more importantly, how business, corporations and organisations can and should be applying this type of thinking to modern companies in the immediate future.

The panel of experts includes Grant Young from Zumio, James Lorenz from Greenpeace, Humanitarian Prashanth Shanmugan, Blair Palese, CEO for 350.org, Melinda Tually from I ran the wrong way, Ando Fallshaw (an uncluttered white spaces writer) from Investling and Adam Russell, one of Australia’s leading architects from DRAW.

Please join us on this night of inspiring thought leaders and innovators and get involved in a discussion that helps bring about change, one person at a time.

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