We learn a lot in our lives. Unfortunately, we tend to forget a lot as well.

Apparently I’m an engineer. But if you ask me to derive a formula for pultrusion from first principles, you might be disappointed. In fact, I’ve forgotten most of my university degree, and that was only 10 years ago.

So how are we meant to remember all those great lessons and insights we gain through our work and education? How can we recall the particular insight needed to cut through a problem and add real value?

That was the thinking behind our Investling Theory Of Everything (TOE). Our TOE is an attempt to capture our strongest insights; whether in marketing, design, engineering or general business.

Any time we read a great book or article, if we hear an amazing podcast or get to idea jam with a bright spark, we try and record the essence of the insights on our TOE.

Then, with any key planning sessions we have, the TOE is brought out to jog our memories regarding the particular stage of a business or project that we are at.

We also use it as a form of induction for new senior management, as a learning tool for friends and staff, and as a way to spot the areas where our knowledge needs reinforcing.

Navigating the TOE:

  • You’ll see that the TOE is divided in to 5 slices, which are the stages that a project should step through (start at red).
  • Each slice then moves from the most core principles near the centre, out to insights that are more about ‘flavour’ near the edge.

If you jump in and have an explore, you should figure it out pretty quickly. We eventually want to link each insight to further reading, but time is hard to find.

If you can see an insight that we are missing (there’s lots of gaps!), we’d love to hear from you. There’s various ways to reach us listed on the Investling contacts page or via twitter @ando_f.

Happy exploring.