Fast Company has written a piece on this Infographic (or immense work of art) on the history of the American President. With 50% of our readers residing in the US, we thought it was more than worthy of reposting. When you get some spare time. Follow this link and update your knowledge on American History. Its certainly interesting reading.

Designed by Nathaniel Pearlman–one of the founders of Time Plots, which creates infographic posters, and also a former student of Edward Tufte–the Visual Historyprovides historical data on population, presidential elections, Congress, the Supreme Court, the Cabinet, the U.S. economy, and the federal budget and debt. And that, “…places each president in historical context, visualizing a remarkable range of political, social, and economic measures to succinctly tell the story of the presidency.”

Be sure to check and read the last picture in this series at the bottom entitled compromise dating back to 1850.

More here.