For long time readers of uncluttered white spaces, you will know skateboarding is very close to my heart. Stumbling upon Skateistan  by Noah Abrams was an amazing way to start my week this week and the images of Afghanistan’s emerging skateboarding scene is more than inspiring. In a war torn nation where what I can only imagine the brutal realities of growing up in an environment such as the one these children endure, its amazing to see that sliding on four wheels can be a constant in peoples ability to search freedom and excitement.

We take it for granted. Lets not. Abrams, in an interview with Good went on to state:

“The smiles and genuine excitement the kids had for skateboarding were quite simply one of the most pure expressions of joy I have ever had the privilege to witness,” he says. “To see that kind of happiness exist in a place that has seen such hard times, for me, was really humbling. I can really only speak from the time I spent in country, but in my experience, life there certainly isn’t easy. However, spending time there was a great reminder that although culturally we may be very different, at the end of the day our goals as people are pretty much the same. We all want to be happy, and no one wants to suffer.”

Four years ago I started skating again, and whilst I am not a frequent skater, when I find the time, my kids I and I roll the walls of the local ramp. I am always transcended into a place that holds no fear, no expectations and only the airless feeling of gliding and freedom. If you do not skate, or you think you are too old. Start today. You’re not.

Noah Abrams via Good