Recently, research company Pure Profile conducted a survey of 1000 Australians on bottled water usage for Go Tap. Here are some key results:

Perceptions of bottled water

  • Over 89% or respondents said they believe bottled water is a costly marketing con, with over 97% saying they believe it is overpriced.
  • 80% believe that water has become a fashion accessory for the image conscious.
  • 73% think that people who buy expensive water are naive.
  • Over 77% do not believe that bottled water is safer and cleaner than filtered tap water.
  • Over 76% were concerned about the impact of bottled water litter on beaches during the summer.
  • Over 85% said they did not believe bottled water should cost as much as petrol.

Consumption of bottled water

  • The current economic turmoil has caused 40% to reconsider buying bottled water.
  • 74% of people surveyed report that they spend up to $10 a month on bottled water, while close to 16% say they spend between $11 and $20 per month.


  • Over 78% percent of people believe there are not enough bubblers available to the public.
  • 90% do not know where their local water bubblers are, and do not believe they are easy to find.
  • 85% are concerned about the safety or cleanliness of public bubblers.
  • 66% said that if greater number and quality of bubblers were available, they would buy less bottled water.

Alternatives to bottled water

  • A total of 93% said they used a refillable water bottled at least occasionally, with 22% using them always, and 34% using them most of the time they want a drink.
  • Nearly 70% use, or are considering buying, a home water filter.
  • Nearly 39% were not aware that restaurants are required by law to serve free tap water.
  • Over 32% were embarrassed to order a glass of tap water in an expensive restaurant.