4food is a socially networked quick service restaurant company. The mission is to bring fast food that’s fresh, delicious, and nutritious to all ages, lifestyles, incomes, and ethnicities. No fads, fillers, or anything artificial. Revolutionizing counter culture, in real-time.

Location #1 opens on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 at 40th Street and Madison Avenue, between Bryant Park and Grand Central Station – the heart of the highest density workday population in the US.

What is unique about this venture is its use of web-based technologies in operating the store. Its customers are encouraged to create their orders online and are given customization options to produce several food choices. Customers can even name their creations and market it, receiving $.25 in store credit for every sale of their customized food creation. To complete the techie theme of the fast food joint, 4Food will feature a 240 square foot monitor that will stream Foursquare check-ins, Tweets and info from the restaurant, while its staff will take orders on iPads.

Similar to Melbourne based social enterprise STREAT who employ homeless youth, 4Food’s workforce will be made up of people from New York City’s work displacement program.