German design studio Rugwind have created a great bit of social furniture. A cosy bench, for you and the people in your neighbourhood. The project, Guerilla Bench aims to subvert the objects of the typical urban environment, making them more human and functional. A bench that neatly folds up inside a standard European electrical box. A user simply opens the box, unfolds the bench and takes a seat by themselves or with friends to create a small gathering point for social interactions. The box blends into the street scene, only coming to life when a user with knowledge of its hidden life walks by.

Rugwind have already invented a range of sustainable projects, such as the All Terrain Hand-Seeder. It is their philosophy to design a future that deals with the environmental and economic challenges of our time. From waste, material abundance and inattention to resource efficiency, sensuality, pleasure and cultural interest. Their aim is to cultivate a desire for innovation and form-finding and creating things that are truly contemporary with the focus on the real needs of the people.

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