Just a random thought on “sweet things”. If you skip sweet things for a month, your taste buds adjust. They become hyper sensitive to any hint of sweetness, revealing an abundance of flavours in something as simple as rice. Try a Coke, and it becomes a revoltingly sweet sludge, over-powering in it’s intensity.

But most people don’t skip sweet things for a month. Most of us don’t even skip them for a morning.

So if most of us are drinking Coke, Coke becomes the new benchmark for sweetness. If a cereal  brand wants a little sweetness hit to help sales, it needs to dial it up to Coke drinker sensitivities. Sugar with your Coffee? I’ll have 3 spoons please.

I’m currently off sweet things again, and I can’t find drinks that don’t make me gag. When I travel to the US, even the bread tastes the way donuts used to for me.

My worry is that this feels like a one way trip. Each sweet thing we consume makes us crave something a little sweeter next time. Or we at least crave even more of the same sweetness (remember how small Coke bottles used to be?)

Is there hope for our planet, before it’s consumed in one giant sugar plantation?

I think so, and I think it revolves around the recent love of organic whole foods. I’m hoping that as we all start consuming whole foods, we can slowly lower the sweetness waterline, back to somewhere that leaves rice tasting sweet again.

Want more?

Have a read about Glycemic Index, Ancestral Diet, or Calorie Restriction. All of these point to longer and healthier lives, and all of them suggest avoiding refined calories.

And feel like a flip out over just how bad our beverages have become? This is an epic slideshow of the worst sinners – 20 Worst Drinks In America 2010 (Note: the button to scroll through the slides is at the top right of the images).