Simon Williams is a guest (and good friend) who attended IF | The Future of Media. Simon is a musician and film producer and over the weekend, he took five minutes of his insanely hectic schedule to share his event notes with us.

The IF Talk featured 6 inspiring thought leaders, David Gillespie, Johannes Weissenbaeck, Pip Jamieson, Kate Kendall, Richard Bradley and Galvin Scott Davis (speaker profiles here).

Thanks Simon for taking the time to share your thoughts. uncluttered white spaces will be writing up a review on the event shortly.


People want something ‘new’ but it must be relevant to their lifestyle.
That ‘new’ must be engaging, but it is essential that it is ‘shareable’.
People want an ‘experience’, and that ‘experience’ must hold meaning.

So as a ‘producer’ of this ‘new’, you must understand what your audience wants and produce it. You must produce quality; consistently.

People don’t want the CD – they want to be a part of the experience that is YOU

In production of your ‘new’:
Use traditional and digital media i.e. iTunes and CD’s.
The CD now becomes a souvenir of their ‘experience’ of the band – not only music – so it must be packaged as worthwhile purchase material.

Q: Why am I going to purchase your CD when I can download it for free?

Make it affordable. (Honestly; in today’s market).
Make it meaningful. (Why not ask your audience what they want?)

Think of it like photographs. We all store photographs online for digital storytelling, Facebook, Myspace, basic storage… but having a tangible photograph to hold in your hands, to display on your wall, or in an album is a lot more meaningful . Every time the experience is relived and you are swept into the moment it was taken, reliving thoughts and feelings of a time long gone.

Drawing out that ‘experience’ is the definition of ‘meaningful
Make your ‘new’ matter to people

The ultimate question is…what are you trying to accomplish?

Focus on your goals.
Life holds no boundaries. Remember as a child – anything was possible – you just had to figure out a way of doing it… why has that changed?

EVERYTHING is marketing. Embrace all mediums to engage all people
Engage people through relevance

If you have an idea – share it. Not just with one – but with many. Make it known, but own its presentation. And grow withit; innovate.

INNOVATE your marketing and if you are not sure what this means, visit this: ADIDAS – Germany

Never lie. Be honest.
Invite people in – blog. Be pure; heartfelt; honest.

Whatever your ‘new’ is – you are providing a customer service. People are giving you their (limited) time & money – you need to provide them with a quality experience. They will return if you do.

If you want to show someone who you are – don’t say it – be it.