BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

In my attempt to stop using bottled water (which has been successful with the exception of a recent trip to Indonesia), I have also made a concise effort to cease using takeaway cardboard coffee cups. This is a for a few reasons and the main reason is not environmental. It is management of my time and my thoughts around slowing down and doing things well, un-rushed and enjoying the moment.

So as a result, I sit in for coffee and get the chance to do some chatting, reading, tweeting or just watching people. As apposed to previously grabbing a large coffee in a cardboard cup, with a plastic lid and rushing off in the car whilst chatting on the phone to get to my next appointment. These days I choose to sit. In the process, racking up a little bit of environmental kudos in the process. All quite simple really and low impact and totally manageable. Then you see a film like “Birthright” by Sean Mullins and stare in awe at one mans dedication to live your passion no matter what.

The man in this affecting short film broke his neck 30 years ago and lost the use of his legs. Today, he regularly ventures into the ocean at the same spot where the accident happened. He considers the ocean a birthright, and performs a daily ritual of “finding his natural self through surfing.”

What is your natural self?