In December 09, Gigom produced this infographic detailing the rise and rise of Facebooks value on paper. The question remains, how much money is this social media empire really worth.

Recently Facebook unveiled a plan to double revenues, which are currently cracking the $1 billion mark. It’s not a question of if, but when. And you can bet that the valuation will soon make that $9.5 billion figure above look mild.

To add to the Facebook roadtrain, they recently teamed up with Microsoft for Attack on Google Docs. Docs will use Facebook’s new auto-login feature, avoiding Facebook Connect, and will come in handy for the millions that treat Facebook as a work tool. Students can pass around and share homework. Businesses that use Facebook but not Gmail get instant access to Web-editable documents.

Can Microsoft can match, let alone exceed, the features in Google Docs, like simultaneous editing? Maybe not. However the familiar Word interface will no doubt appeal to Facebook patrons. You can access Office 2010 for Facebook via starting today.