B-Cycle | Giving Urban Transportation a Facelift

Introducing B-Cycle. A collaboration between Humana, Trek, and ad house Cripsin Porter + Bogusky, B-Cycle will soon be launching in Denver in the USA, with expansion plans in the works. The idea is simple, walk up to the B-station kiosk, pay, grab a bike, and go — you can drop off the bike at any other B-station with an empty dock.

Interesting concept and one we will do our best to monitor. Pollution, traffic, and rising oil costs are just a few of the reasons why urban transportation needs a facelift. B-cycle is easy, cheap, and sets you free from your car. And it’s powered by the best alternative fuel: you.

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  1. This is pretty amazing, very eco-friendly. This way, people can prevent traffic and pollution but also keep the environment clean. I wish we have that kind of transportation here in the Philippines.

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