It is remarkable that the most real feeling in perception of time “the present”, cannot be measured in any units of time. Present is duration-less, it is an infinitesimal. Nevertheless, both the past and the future, which are seen as durations in time, encroach on the present. So why is it, that we all think more about the future time and what we have missed than about the beauty of the current time?

Yves Behar in collaboration with Issey Miyake have developed ‘VUE’, a watch that reminds how important time is at this instant not later or before.

The concept behind the project is nothing but an industrial masterpiece with a quite literal approach to time. As stated by Yves Behar, time is precious, yet always presents us with a surprise ahead. The VUE watch is a way to feel time’s appearance and disappearance in our lives. By seeing only the current hour, while the previous hour representing the past and the upcoming one representing the future subtly fade in and out, visible only through partial arc slits. And therefore an existential statement about the fleeting nature of time.

This approach to telling time seems to be appropriate and truly refreshing. Why do we need to know the rest of the time that has yet to come or the past time that has long forgotten us?

An interesting new concept developed by the fuse project, an award-winning industrial design and branding firm with offices in San Francisco and New York City. The studio looks at developing and enhancing brands by creating long-lasting innovations and narratives that connect with the consumer’s experience.

Article By Mel Mueller (Trends Analyst) for uncluttered white spaces & [6.2]:: Mel Mueller is a media student in Australia and Germany and spends her time jetting back and forth. Mel is an expert on trends and all things that impact the planet be it creative, environmental or inspirational. You can visit Mel’s mini-blog: Breeze

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