We each hope to have over 4,000 weeks in our lives.  We’ve decided to give one of ours to STREAT – Ben Rennie & Adam Webb

Every night more than 100,000 people are homeless on Australian streets. That’s more people than the MCG seats. Of these nearly 18,000 are teenagers between 12 and 18. 58% are unemployed and looking for work.

From the 21-27 of March we (Ben Rennie & Adam Webb) will be competing in the Terra Australis Mountain Bike Epic from Falls Creek across Australia’s high country to Wangaratta. Riding the 550km with the aim is to raise $10,000 to assist STREAT to skill and employ 40 homeless youth in 2010. You can help us. Just click donate.

If you take this cause to your workplace, and ask 10 people to give you $10 for One Week for Streat, and we find 100 people willing to take this cause to 100 companies. Within the 21 days leading up to the event. We will have raised the $10,000 needed to help homeless youth, and it only cost you $10 and some of your time to find 10 friends to help.

So join us and thanks for reading. To learn more and make a small yet powerful donation, please visit