There will be winners and losers in the changing publishing industry, the catalyst being the emerging world of, e-books. Books are recognised as big winners if they are large blockbusters. Therefore it is the humble independent bookstores that are precious sanctuaries playing an essential role. Independent bookstores nurturing unique personalities stringing community links are significantly responsible for helping to identify local novels that may indeed become a bestseller. Nevertheless Independent bookstores are rare these days. In fact, corporate/online sellers are becoming the resource for most readers. Is the independent bookstore capable of re-inventing itself?

Front Studio Architects devised a beautiful, modern space for McNally Jackson Books leading a revival through allowing New Yorkers to continue sharing the charm of the interpersonal feeling within aiming breath new life into it a quietly subsiding sector of the publishing market. McNally Jackson Booksellers, located in New York City, is a spacious independent bookstore with pride and individuality. The mix of books, media and events reflects a sophisticated urban vibe; it is “not just a place to buy books, but a place to love them.” The whole design is centred on books and mirrors the warm character of the space.

“A scattering of books hangs precipitously from the ceiling, as if a pile of books had been thrown into the sky and frozen.”

“The curved wall surrounding the seating area is covered in a wallpaper made entirely of open spine books, the texture of the print adds a rippling affect of restless pages.”

“Because we are all avid readers and great lovers of books, our collaborations took on an amazing degree of synchronicity. We thus imagined a space where every moment evokes some visceral connection with books and with reading.”

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Article By Mel Mueller (Trends Analyst) for uncluttered white spaces:: Mel Mueller is studying Media in Australia and Germany and spends her time jetting back and forth. Mel is an expert on trends and all things that impact the planet be it creative, environmental or inspirational. You can visit Mel’s Posterous: Breeze